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Quick Task

Quick Task is   aimed for any technical organisations, which allows delivering their end to end services using this this product. The product has features in built such that it allows your maintenance, minor works and major projects management easily and seamlessly. Similar to our other products this product can also be managed using a web portal and fully compatible to mobile device operation.



Quick task will allow you to setup contracts based on clients, sites and systems. Once a fault is registered the system shows the target response and repairs to the maintainers. This also helps the end client to see the average response and repair times. This feature also allows tracking of asset lists, serial numbers, physical and functional locations. Similarly a sub feature allows tracking and completion of preventative maintenance.


Minor works

Similarly, the minor works feature allows you to mobilise minor works and low budget projects. The system allows tracking quotations, surveys and completion of the works.  This also allows you to monitor ongoing or new works status and provide reports for regular contract review processes. The mobile enabled tools will allow site surveys and quotations much more flexible. During the surveys you can take pictures relevant work using a mobile device and upload them to the survey sheet.

Major Projects

All the major projects require a structured management and delivery. Our quick task allows you to provide such structure to the project. Either minor work or major project the software allows you to setup a contract with a budget and all the project tasks will allow you to deduct the costs of works through live tasks. The system also allows you to upload design documents for the benefit of the installation teams to be able to deliver high quality projects. The system also allows you to upload training documents.