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The BGI-Symon ( System monitor) is a product that allows to monitor the live status, faults , alarms of your electronic devices and notifies them live. the system can be web based or local server based. it can still detect the issues of your site devices and notifies you no matter how far away you are from the site.

List of Faults

BGI-Symon has a facility to show the faults  as a list . This list also has a facility to  show the entire of assets with an option to chose between sites, categories and sub categories. this asset  details and faults will assist the asset managers in achieving minimum operations downtime, and maximum systems efficiency.


BGI-Symon also has a capability to show the faults using the as built drawings and schematics.   These schematics can be easily  created from the as built asset drawings. Once these as built drawings are  uploaded the device icons can be easily placed as an overlay.  These icons will show the live status of the devices.  This feature can be an excellent option to the maintainers to show the inter connection details of the equipment .


There is also a provision to extract live alarms and display with in the system. we have already integrated some specialist CCTV camera analytics, RTUs and customised alarm transmitters.  We  plan and design such integrations completely with the help of manufacturers  and work with any specialist requirements of the end clients.  we even transmit these alarms to the end mobile and any other digital platforms.