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We provide security products to support security operations. These products are designed to protect premises, people and assets. Some of these products include incident manager, access control system, Visitors management, CCTV, Guard tour system etc.


We have also developed products to cater engineering departments. These products can monitor the alarms and status of the engineering equipment and provider alerts. some of these include Electrical substations, lifts escalators, pumps, air conditioning etc

Facilities & Estates

Our product range also includes facilities & estates contract management. using these products, the site maintenance and other engineering related operations can be easily managed benefiting end customers and their maintainers

IT Infrastructure

we work closely many IT infrastructure managers to secure their server rooms and data centers. our products are customised to detect intrusion detection, provide restricted physical access and visibility to their secure areas to assist in physical security aspects

We Design



CCTV Solution

BGI, with the help of security manufacturer partners, is able to offer complete CCTV solution to the medium and large clients...

Access Control System

BGI-ACS is a cutting edge and comprehensive Access control, which is a truly step in to the future when it comes to security

Guard Tour System

BGI-GTS is a guard tour system fully capable of carrying out site patrols with live reports of the tour status using a mobile device.

iman-Incident Manager

we have developed a very efficient security and safety incident digital log software, that is capable of handling multiple site incidents

Visitors Management

BGI- visitors Management system is aimed to control the visitors, contractors and group visitors for multiple sites

Symon- System Monitor

BGI-Symon, is a systems monitor that monitors all the security and safety systems and provides a live report of the status, alarms.

Client References

BG Infotech did an amazing job with security systems consultancy and upgrades. I highly recommend their services and products-Riyaz Somani, Head of Imperial War Museum

loyal and genuinely passionate about achieving the best for us – Vernon Rapley,
Director – Security, Victoria & Albert Museum

Kudos You play a crucial role in our success. Making an impact                                                                               – Peter Brooks, Head of integrated Risk & Security, British Library

BG Infotech, products are efficient and their customer service is excellent. They are always attentive to customer needs –Paul Stanton,  Director,  Vital Financial Solutions. 

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