Our Products

We have a wide range of products which allow our end clients managing their security operational, engineering and facilities procedures effectively. These products also allow standardising the end client procedures such that a standard technical or operational response can be implemented for everyday operations of the premises. We have built in extensive search and trend analysis tools in these products to assist you with the operations performance, resources, costs savings and security of the premises. Our products are under continuous improvements and version changes. This allows us to include any bespoke requirements should you have, without any difficulty.  Hence please let us know whatever interest you have in our products,  we will be glad to provide the information.

Some of our latest products are

Web Technology

 All our products are web hosting compatible. This feature allows most of the customers to maintain these on their business website hosting servers. this online hosting allows most of our customers saving huge costs on the Online hosting doesn’t mean a compromise on any security. We ensure that all the products and data protection driven and application servers are protected by high level of encryption. We also monitor and capture login security logs to detect and prevent any hacking, intrusion threats. We also provide a free audit of your web servers prior to our product installation to identify any security vulnerabilities and performance related issues.

Mobile Compatibility

As any modern day product  must have mobile device compatibility, we have developed all our products with mobile interface or apps.  Some of these are specially developed as mobile applications so as to monitor your issues or implement procedures using mobile internet. Sometime we provide these front end apps and mobile devices with specialist encryption, programs such that no matter wherever you are in the world, you can still access your information without compromising the  security.

Digital Integration.

We have integrated several different types of digital systems in to some of our products. For example webcams, signature pads, alarm devices etc. Hence if you have any specific digital system in use that requires integration in to our products, we will be glad to assist you with it.  We also have an expert development team that can integrate in to any specialist databases of such digital systems. This allows us to integrate the systems at the database level not only just at the user interface.