BGI-ACS Access Control System

BGI-ACS is a cutting edge  and comprehensive Access Control System,  with many advanced features.  Our access control systems protects the client premises using different type of access tokens ( access cards, QR codes, NFC cards etc).   The system can be deployed as  two versions. the cloud ACS, is aimed for the small and medium sized customers who does not have their own infrastructure.  this version will be deployed on a cloud server The ACS enterprise version is meant for the clients with their dedicated network and servers. Both versions have following smart features.

 Smart Features

  • Multiple sites and multiple logins with role based privileges
  • Built-in door controller  and physical alarm notification functions
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) driven hardware
  • Multiple user badge designs and fully integrated Pass printers
  • Live alarm and event notification window for security operations
  • Built in reports and audits
  • Builtin visitors management