iman - Incident Manager

At BGI, we have developed a very efficient security and safety incident digital log software, that is capable of multiple site security issues from a single point. 

i-Man (or electronic DOB), is a specialist product which is easy to implement and helps an organisations to manage operational shifts, daily routines, occurrence and resolve Incidents efficiently. i-MAN is also a simple centralised Incident logging mechanism that assists an organization in responding to various incidents on a daily basis to the best of its abilities. Stakeholders and Management can now collaborate much efficiently and quicker than even before at the time of an unexpected crisis situation.


  • A automated shift reports- able to export, print, archive shift reports.
  • Scheduled routines for the shifts and provision to show completed routine activities with categories
  • Occurrences logging and escalation to Incident creation which are worth investigating.
  • Logging incidents (Description, Location, Notes, Category, Severity)
  • Centralized and localised tracking of incidents
  • On-the-fly export of incident Data including attachments for filing purpose
  • Incident Statistics – Reports & Dashboards
  • Colour coded severity levels for enhanced lookup
  • Compliant with Data Protection Act
  • Role based access to functionalities
  • Drilled down search tool including keyword search
  • Facility to attach Image/Video/Document to an incident
  • Categorization & Prioritisation of incidents
  • Flexible sorting of incident data
  • Tablet, Mobile enabled interface
  • Events monitoring.
  • Security Rosters.
  • Register for issuing of Keys.
  • Car parking registers.