Company Information

BGI is a leading technology firm specliaised in Security, Engineering and Facilities solutions. We provide these solutions and services to suit the requirements of all industry sectors, without the slightest compromise on quality and being cost effective . We have in-depth experience in providing consultancy services, design support and developing bespoke solutions specific to each client . All our solutions are web, mobile and cloud compatible. This enables clients  to reduce or eliminate IT infrastructure costs and yet utilise the advantages of our latest products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become ultimate trusted  technology partner of our customers and to provide cost effective solutions. We provide our products and services through a customised consulting service. This approach ensures the products and services we provide are best suitable to our client needs.  

Our Values

We believe in Quality , Commitment, and Progress. These values are built around the needs of our customers and our products. We combine these values in to every process we implement in our business. These values help us achieve best for our clients

Our Experience

We have customers from various sectors such as heritage, transport, leisure, and educational institutions. These sectors are quite different to each other and the services and solutions we provide are tailored to suite the unique needs of the customers from those sectors. This customised solution experience distinguishes us from our competitors and ensures our customer satisfaction. We constantly train our employees and engineers with new products , technologies to provide latest and economical solutions to our customers.